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Welcome to our all new updated website. I hope you find it both informative and interesting.

Our aim of setting up this new website was that we wanted to upgrade our old website with a fresh and informative website for both patient and Dentists.

We’re very proud of what we do and we wanted to showcase the services we offer and the standards of care that we work to.

There is plenty of information for potential clients and patients both starting treatment and those in treatment.

The treatment processes pages explain what to expect as you progress through treatment, be it Invisalign or fixed appliances. We hope the blend of videos, animations and text will keep it interesting.

There are lots of ways to contact us. For dentists they can refer to us as before, by email or if they prefer they can print out a copy of the referral sheet and post it. For patients there an easy click “BOOK NOW” button.

We hope our new “chat now” function allows patients and dentists to have queries responded to quickly.

There are lots of photos including a large treatment gallery of very happy patients. These are divided into Invisalign treatments and fixed treatments. There is a practice gallery so patients can see the clean modern standards that we work in.

The testimonial page allows patients to explain what getting their perfect smile meant to them. Finally there is a price guide so patients can get an idea of the investment required.

I hope everyone finds this new website useful and we look forward to welcoming you in the future. “



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