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Tooth-Coloured Braces: Subtle and Efficient


Tooth-coloured braces are actually fixed braces, attached or bonded to your teeth in the classic, timeproof manner. However, the brackets used here are subtle and tooth-coloured. These work in exactly the same way as conventional metal braces, but are significantly less visible. This makes them a particularly attractive option for adults or patients who are more self-conscious about wearing metal braces. This way, you’ll wear them – and you’ll be the only one who knows that! Shhhh… We won’t tell.



Nicola Harkin (Age 26): “I’ve always wanted my top teeth straightened but would have never worn a metal brace. The ceramics are great! They are hardly visible and when people do notice them, they are amazed.”
Elaine (Age 45): “To sum it up: ‘Don’t put it off’… Amazing results from an extremely professional orthodontic service. Great environment with very helpful staff. Delighted!”


FROM £1200

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